Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bonus on Death

I'm playing around with the idea of giving unit bonuses on death of units. When a certain unit is killed they will give a permanent bonus to stats to the remaining units. This could add some strategy on kill order and make matches have a better chance at being more competitive.

These bonuses would stack also. So if you happen to get 3 Assassin units (because the 2 random units that were picked were both Assassins) then if they were all killed you would get +15% critical strike to the remaining units.

  • Assassin death: +5% critical strike
  • Knight death:   +5% physical armor
  • Wizard death:   +5% damage
  • Paladin death:  +??

Haven't thought of a Paladin bonuses yet. If you have ideas I'm interested. Don't worry about what stats there are in the game just what would you think a Paladin bonus on death would look like.


  1. Could make the Wizard have +5% mana or magical damage and the Paladin have +5% damage. Could also just make the Paladin have +5% randomized attribute, so there is a chance that killing a Paladin (which should be more difficult compared to the rest to kill) could yield a 5% critical strike or +5% physical armor, and so forth.

    Just some ideas.

  2. I like the randomness factor. I'll play around with that. Thanks for the ideas!